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Do you have a checklist for good spa?

A good spa is not necessarily a very expensive spa, and an affordable spa is not necessarily a bad one.

1. A spa should have a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Staff should be polite, friendly and attentive. They should be professional at all times, and focused on you and your spa experience.

2. You should expect booking to be efficient and confirmed prior to your arrival

3. You should expect a very high standard of cleanliness at a spa

4. It is the job of a spa to make you feel relaxed - friendliness and courtesy is where this starts.

5. Therapist at a spa should be sensitive to your mood and pick up on whether and how much you want to talk.

6. You should expect information about the spa and the treatments available to be forthcoming, meaningful and accurate

7. Good communication makes a big different at a spa, in terms of treatments, facilities and your whole visit

8. Charging less for a treatment is not an excuse to give you a bad one.

9. You should expect the standard of facility to live up to what the spa tells you

10.Availability of water or tea anytime are really good indicators of a good spa.

11.Attention to detail, it's really about what whether the spa has thought about the little things that make the difference to your visit

12.Whether you paid a lot or a little, do you feel you're getting your money's worth? You should. If you don't, tell them.

13.A good spa should let you know what products they use, but you should not expect any kind of "sell"

14.It is normal to tip at a spa if you felt your therapist did a good job. But you should not be expected or pressured to tip; your therapist shouldn't linger around you as you're coming round from your Balinese massage.

So wherever you go, enjoy your spa, and let us know what was good and bad!


Home Living Magazine

ZEN Family Spa - Bringing ZEN and Bliss Back

Full Story on Home Living Magazine | Edition 34-November 2012, Page 84-87 | Alluring Spa





Spa Treatments

stoneSPA was once seen as a luxury affordable by the rich, whereby they enjoy all the pampering for their mind and body. No longer so, spas are now prevalent among the masses, thanks to the affordable spa like ZEN and their customer for willingness to indulge themselves. SPA is the word for health, beauty and relaxation.

Benefit of spa treatments:

1. reducing high blood pressure and hypertension

2. increase the body’s energy flow

3. improving flexibility of our body

4. stimulating circulation

5. reducing weight and weight-related problems

6. healing emotional distress

7. reduce the effects of ageing

8. soothing our  tired muscles

9. toning and nourishing the skin

10. detoxifying our body

11. reducing insomnia, stress and fatigue

12. enhancing spiritual awareness


Tips on saving for your big holiday trips

Here are some tips on saving for your big holiday trips:

Research your trip

Create a budget

Find deal on Facebook and other social media site

Try winning a getaway contest

Find a Credit Card promotion deal

Buy a package deal

Avoid peak season

Find the cheapest day (usually Tuesday & Wednesday)

Book separately

Don't buy tickets on last minute or even too early (mostly 3 months to 14 days)

Packing light

Bring antibiotic and your prescription drugs

Travel on City Public Transport like bus or train

Stay with friends

Try contacting hotels directly and compare rates

Turn off data roaming, use a WiFi

Convert local money at home

Eat on a well known street food area

Trying not to get pick pocketed :p

And don't forget to share it to your friends too.



Tips on going green while travelling

1)    Have you considered walking or taking a bicycle to work?

2)    Carpooling is indeed very smart if there are a group of people who are travelling towards similar direction.

3)    Working from the comfort of your home is another method of contributing to this noble cause.


Seconds to ask yourself every time whether you can utilize anything before throwing it away abruptly. What might appear like a trash can be actually turned into an excellent piece of work. Many people preserve their food containers and reuse them for other purpose such as paint cups or flower pots. If only you look around you will find lots of ideas and if you still feel that you are clueless then go online. You will be amazed by the things that you will discover. Going green is very simple and it just needs a little bit of effort from our side to take that little step. All these little steps will make a huge contribution later on even if it might seem nothing big right now.


It is not a big thing to be able to bring about these tiny changes, be it your lifestyle or home. All of the above tips on going green contribute in reducing the energy consumption. It will definitely yield great rewards over time. Please do not hesitate to incorporate these tips into your day to day living. With these going green tips you will be helping our future generations in enjoying a cleaner, sustainable plus beautiful world.